The micro-urban plan foresees an agile intervention in several municipal and abandoned plots in order to foster a new urban impulse. The common purpose between all these little projects that the city council of Barcelona has been developing during the last year (2013-2014), which have been executed with very restricted budgets, has been to transform these spaces into sites for the citizens, regenerating and improving the immediate surroundings. 

In an esplanade that functions as a natural interchanging point between the private vehicle and the railway in the Vallvidrera-Les Plantes station, we are asked to reduce and reorganize the parking lots as to create a new uncovered sports arena with two rings for basketball.

The arena will add a new use to the site responding to a neighbour’s request and, at the same time, it will activate and highlight the value of the existing natural elements, trying to maintain the spontaneous activities that the persons have been developing over time.

The placement of the arena is decided taking into account the neighbourhood’s opinion, finally locating it in tangency with the access roads. It is proposed to embrace them with two slopes planted with autochthonous bushes, incorporating the vast horizontal plan made of concrete as another infrastructure which complements the extensive natural meadow in the lower platform.

Several rounded logs of pine (2 meters long and with 20 cms of diameter) are used to confine the ground and to build little terraces for the arena. These terraces, as well as the stairs, are set beneath a big centenarian oak with a treepot of about 200 m2, which offers its pleasant shade in the warmest seasons.

Surface:                                              2510 m²

Budget (without IVA):                          49.452,63 €












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