In late 1998, the EUROFRED company sought proposals for the new ship of the group in the central warehouse in Cervell├│. This was destined to increase in storage the capacity 16000m2 and enhancing the company's corporate image. The group EUROFRED works with the TEMPERATURE ... basically distributed heat and cold. The presented proposal, and three years later built, has always revolved around the work of materials such as natural temperature regulators and the translation of this as defining the space as light. The project is divided into 5 sections: - (1) Definition of a perimeter / Gauge - (2) Choice of materials - (3) Titration of programs and definition of space - (4) Provision of a regulatory system of light Solar - (5) Schedule the regulation of the radiation / temperature.

The perimeter / Gauge in plan and section is determined by the maximum needs of the logistics company, for the topography in relation to the old ship and regulatory limits of Cervell├│ General Plan.

The program is organized in four buildings: two large boxes with the corresponding loading and unloading docks. One of them is the new building with two plants where the products come and then distributed to the market from "picking" of the existing ship.

After regularizing the ground with a basement / concrete base in dark iron plate finished, it was decided to work the master volume with a double skin polycarbonate: clear and bright inside and translucent ice outside. In the air chamber, a system of slats/aluminum curtain are driven by motors in the service of a computer program that adapts to the stresses of the different orientations and times of the year (system experienced in the same work with a scale prototype 1:1).

When the intervention limits and material properties was defined, the project raises other constants: first, the qualitative definition of natural light depending on the position solar ... movement understood as a cycle varies throughout the year, calling the interior space at different times. Then, and intrinsically related to light, the same mechanism regulates all or part of radiation. Thus, the solar light and temperature are understood as time and energy processes incorporated into the definition of a new industrial landscape, the aim of which was, with few resources to generate its own technology, industrialization process and build a simple building within its complexity, capable of conveying a business concept, in turn improving the living conditions of their workers.



Arquitectura Ib├ęrica, n├║m. 14. Espa├▒a.
Via Plus, n├║m. 44

Tect├│nica, n├║m. 19










Bienal de Arquitectura del Baix Llobregat - seleccionado

Premios Bonaplata - finalista











New warehouse for the group EurofredÔÇô Cervell├│ 1999-2002