From the north side of the plateau of Gardeny, looking from west to east, the horizon is serene and clear, especially on days that blows from the west, a steady wind, dry and warm, caressing the skin. It is a clean air coming from the lands west of the strip, which, these days, with the morning sun are visible.

To the north and closer to the Pyrenees have, and if we turn to the east, approach and dialogue with the hill of the "Seu" will be present. Gardeny, a plateau at 30m above the city and the river, can enjoy different horizons.

In the midst of the dryness of the great plain and in the first place, a first pond and a forest of masts (support devices for measuring temperature, wind, humidity, ... up to a stork's nest) welcomes us , entering a new scale and programs, is presented as the door of the museum.

A little further and with the "Seu" in the background, we feel as the air cools, new smells appear and a small cliff reveals the forest, birds, water ... the oasis. In concentric circular motion and gradually change in elevation, to shelter the west wind and welcomed by the new space we can enter or continue on the outside. We crossed one of the four corners, and finally discovering, between the treetops, a change of temperature, sounds, smells, colors ... A new atmosphere envelops us, and between light and dark we realized that the sound of water takes a while accompanying us. Going down a staircase or ramps palafĂ­tica structure, we esplanade third turn to feel a slight breeze from the west driving to talk to the vegetation around us. In between, a pond / tank, which collects rain and a source of life (shoemakers, tadpoles, frogs, ...)

Enjoying a walk we come to "Mariola" going cross with others in the neighborhood who use these spaces to go to the new museum opens today ... Maybe another day we return to visit the rooms inside, but certainly often stop these spaces to walk, for a drink at the cafe or just to feel the ripple of water, birds singing and enjoy the transition to the plateau.

The knowledge accumulated by mankind over the centuries shows us how to follow those PRINCIPLES to exploit or protect from the elements of nature to make living spaces, trying to pass themselves open cycle of the current system to own closed-loop the biosphere.


Museum of Environment and Climate Lleida (in progress)